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Located in the Twin Cities, Preferred Resource Group (PRG) is a network of financial consultants, certified public accountants, and attorneys. Formed over a decade ago, Preferred Resource Group is a locally recognized educator to individuals and other CPA’s and financial advisors.
Preferred Resource Group was established with the belief that most people and organizations with substantial assets have delegated portions of their portfolio to several experts, yet have not assigned anyone to look after the whole. 
We ask the question, “How often does your attorney get together with your financial advisor to coordinate the recommendations of your accountant or insurance agent to help align a single, cohesive strategy designed to meet your long-term financial objectives?” Often the answer is never!


An experienced network of financial advisors, we can help you coordinate your financial goals and create solutions that are right for you. We welcome the opportunity to schedule a complimentary consultation to review your current arrangements at our MN offices in Maple Grove, Shoreview, and Golden Valley.


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Preferred Resource Group (PRG)